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I have learned many things in my lifetime. One of them is that change can be a good thing.

I have always enjoyed writing and dreamed that one day I would publish at least one book. Last summer I decided to put that dream into reality. I started writing my first book. My first attempt at this book was about living life on purpose. Dare to dream. Find your passion. Do life different. I tried to think of a catchy title, but couldn’t. I tried to write this book, but couldn’t. I barely wrote 10 pages. Writing always came sick easy for me. Why was this so hard?

It was hard because I was writing the wrong book! The book I should be writing was how I survived my daughter’s addiction. Not only survived, but I thrived during the bad times.

Someone would ask me how Jaime was doing. If I had a good report they would always rejoice with me and remarked that maybe this was her bottom and she was on her way back to the top. I would always reply “I am cautiously optimistic that she has turned from her addiction.” So there was my title, “Cautiously Optimistic.”

I had a tagline, but was not pleased with my choice. In August I attended Write It Forward Boot Camp. My new friend and roommate Lynn Watts came up with a better tagline, “Surviving Your Child’s Addiction.” Loved it! So now I had a title and tag line. I was on a roll.

Through more writing I knew that the things I’ve learned and will pass on to others are steps to survival. I had come up with seven, so there you go, “Seven Steps to Surviving Your Child’s Addiction.” Continuing on this roll…

I am an affiliate member of the National Speakers Association. After our monthly meeting I attend Pro-Track, a training program designed for newbies who want to build a speaking business. The leader this month had emailed us a series of questions beforehand. She wanted to understand who we were, what we were doing in our business, and how we could be different and go deeper.

When it was my turn, guess what she asked me? “Have you ever thought about changing the title to Optimistically Cautious?” Well, quite frankly “NO.” Cautiously Optimistic was what I had said so many times. I had never heard that phrase used before. Truthfully, I thought I had coined that phrase – or had I?

She enlightened me that actually cautiously optimistic is a very popular phrase; especially in the medical field. I was shocked! I had not researched that phrase because I truly believe I was the “inventor.” She also thought that “Optimistically Cautious” was a more positive phrase. Since my book is positivity amongst negativity in life, people might react more favorably to it.

I am all about doing the opposite of what others are doing. I don’t like to follow the crowd. You can get lost in the crowd.

So, I thought I would come back to you, my faithful insiders. I would like to get your perspective. I’ve created a brief survey for you to complete that should take just a few moments of your time. In two weeks I will let you know what we have decided.

Thank you again for all of your help. I really appreciate your positive feedback!

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