_PAW5870_1Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sheryl. I am a co-dependent.

If we were in a Celebrate Recovery meeting this is where you would say “Hi Sheryl.”

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

For well over 20 years I struggled with my self-esteem, people-pleasing, eating, exercising, single parenting ~ can I stop now? Then I found out I was co-dependent. Well, make my day why don’t ya! As if I didn’t have enough to work on already!

What made me a co-dependent you ask? Well first, let me tell you a little about my situation. I had a drug addicted child. My daughter Jaime battled a pain pill addiction for over 10 years. She has severe diabetes and other health related issues. Within 3 years she had seven operations to remove toes on both feet and part of one foot. Her last surgery was a below the knee amputation. Because of these issues, Jaime had an arsenal of pills at her disposal that could silence an elephant. She also has an addictive personality. Broken heartedly I had to admit that my child was an addict.

Back to my co-dependency. I tried to get Jaime to recover from her drug addiction for almost 10 years. Most days I was more involved in her recovery than she was. I could see beyond the horizon! I knew where the light was at the end of the tunnel! I was determined to get her there! If she would only do what I said! Hence, co-dependency.

Fortunately, Jaime has been in recovery for over three years and doing well. I have been in recovery for over three years and doing quite well.

Our home right now is in beautiful, historical Williamsburg, VA ~ not together though! She is able to maintain her home and I do the same. We both love our independence, but enjoy each other’s company these days.

Through this battle I have maintained a full-time job, started a consulting business, and volunteer with different ministries in my church. I love my life and even though it is tough at times (who’s isn’t), I still know how to have fun.

You might pass me one day in my red, rag top jeep. If it’s summertime I might be headed to the river with Jet Ski in tow. Or, maybe you’ll see me on my motorcycle. If you see a plate that says “ANTERL,” wave. That’s me. I’ll explain want that means one day.

I hope you will continue to stop by, sign up for my Insiders Group, and read my blog. I would love to hear your story about your drug addicted child – the good and the bad. It is my heart’s desire to reach out to as many of you as I can. To share your story if I can. To offer as much hope and encouragement to you as I can. Lastly to encourage and empower you to not “just” survive, but to thrive and live out your heart’s desire for YOUR life.